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Happy Furry Friend: CBD Oil For Dogs In Australia

Our pets can suffer from some unpleasant diseases from time to time, e.g., pain, PTSD, inflammation, skin problems, excessive hair loss, and so on. But if you want your companion animal to improve its vitality or support its veterinary treatment, cannabidiol oil can be used as a dietary supplement or as complementary medicine. This article will discover what CBD oil for dogs and cats is the most suitable and where to get one in Australia.

Pet CBD Oil In Australia: History And Perspective

Brief Overview

Even though cannabidiol oil is swiftly winning a reputation among dog owners in Australia, there is a lot of confusion regarding what it is, whether it is legal or not, and the difference between hemp, CBD, marijuana, and THC. Knowing whether a product is safe, effective, and legal for your dog is of the utmost importance before purchasing and using it.

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A Short History Of CBD Legalization In Australia

Three decades ago, three regions of Australia (the Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, and South Australia) decriminalized cannabis for personal use. In 2015, a Roy Morgan survey regarding people’s attitude towards medical marijuana in Australia revealed remarkable support for citizens of Australia to legalize weed for medical purposes. A majority of 91 percent chose to approve CBD products to treat patients with chronic diseases and particular conditions such as cancer and epilepsy.

Scientific Notes On Cannabidiol For Animals

A study conducted in 2011 has shown that CBD oil can reduce tuberculosis progression in lab rats. The researchers concluded that CBD oil proliferates T-cells, which prevents the further development of the disease.

And a pilot study conducted by Colorado State University in 2019 showed that cannabidiol, one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids, can affect the incidence frequency of seizures in epilepsy. A small study aimed at assessing the short-term effect of cannabidiol on seizure frequency involved 16 dogs. Nine dogs received CBD for 12 weeks, and seven received a placebo. All animals continued to receive standard anticonvulsants, including phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Of the dogs that received CBD, 8 experienced a reduction in the number of seizures. Researchers have reported a correlation between the dog’s blood cannabidiol levels and the frequency of attacks. The results were published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Commenting on the study, the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) stated that any cannabidiol-containing products must be registered as drugs and thoroughly tested. It is a standard cannabidiol drug policy in countries where marijuana is legal for medical purposes. According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA), licensed veterinarians are permitted to prescribe extra-label approved human and animal medications to treat certain conditions, or in the case when lack of appropriate treatment can lead animals to suffer or life-threatening circumstances.

Prospects Of CBD Oil In Australia

Australia is rapidly moving towards the full legalization of cannabis. But so far, it is only available for therapeutic purposes. Due to the current law, patients with a valid prescription can consume medical cannabis grown locally, in Australia. These days, you can obtain your CBD medicine by attending a medical practitioner and get the medication through your GP. The situation with treatment for animals in Australia is the same. You can purchase hemp oil for dogs in Australia through a prescription from a licensed vet.

Cannabis Oil For Dogs: How It Works

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system. Of all the systems in the pet’s body, it is the most integrated one. Therefore, CBD oil may have some of the same benefits for pets as it does for humans.

In many ways, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for the proper functioning of other physiological systems (monitoring and control of the immune system, endocrine system, and brain). ECS’s goal is homeostasis — your dog’s body’s ability to maintain a stable internal condition in response to possible changes in the outer environment. The endocannabinoid system helps the dog’s nervous and endocrine systems control homeostasis in the body. ECS receptors are located throughout the body of dogs:

  • CB1 receptors are found in the brain and spinal cord
  • CB2 receptors are found in the nervous and immune systems

Cannabinoid molecules attach to receptors to trigger specific reactions. Your pet’s body produces endocannabinoids as needed.

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How To Use CBD Oil For Dogs: Hints For Starters

In the following paragraphs, you will find disclosure of CBD’s health benefits and recommendations regarding its usage. There answer to the questions below:

  1. When to give CBD oil to dogs?
  2. How to give cannabidiol to dogs?
  3. What is a proper dosage of CBD oil for dogs?

When To Give CBD Oil To Dogs?

Industrial hemp contains over 100 active compounds, but the most commonly used medicinally is cannabidiol. CBD oil is often used to improve domestic animals’ comfort and life quality. Still, there are some particular conditions and diseases that require special treatment.

Pain Syndrome

CBD oil relieves pain by affecting the ability of feline endogenous cannabinoids to bind to pain receptors. Many dogs lack cannabinoids. CBD products’ use increases the content of cannabinoids in the body and restores the ECS system’s balance.

Various studies on the analgesic effects of CBD support its effectiveness in combating ache. According to a study published in July 2018, Cornell University researchers found that CBD increased dogs’ activity with arthritis. It is achieved by relieving joint pain syndrome.

Muscle Spasticity

CBD oil helps a person reduce symptoms of spasticity. These results can be easily extrapolated to animals, given that the ECS of humans and animals is no different. Through its work in the endocannabinoid system, CBD oil reduces muscle spasms by altering how the central nervous system interacts with the pet’s muscles. This makes it useful in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


The most common form of anxiety in dogs is separation anxiety. This condition is common among pets that are deeply attached to their owners. Separation anxiety arises from the long absence of the animal’s owner, especially if the owner does not take adequate measures so that one’s animals remain physically and mentally stimulated during the absence. The condition is manifested by abnormal behavior: spontaneous growling, restless behavior, frequent chewing.

Sleep Disturbance

CBD oil relieves symptoms of PTSD, which is one of the common problems in animals with sleep disorders. Besides, CBD can suppress REM sleep — a stage characterized by random/rapid eye movement accompanied by low muscle tone throughout the body and the sleeper’s tendency to vivid dreams. By removing this stage, dogs sleep better.


Since nausea is a nonspecific symptom, it can be caused by many reasons. If you ignore nausea, it might be a life-threatening condition that can affect your dog’s life. According to a study by scientists from the University of Guelph, CBD oil relieves vomiting and nausea by indirectly agonizing somatodendritic autoreceptors located in the dorsal suture’s nucleus.


Many pet owners in Australia use CBD oils, balm, treats, and capsules for dogs with cancer. Some use it to treat the symptoms of the condition and the side effects of treatment, and some use CBD as medicine to slow the tumor progression.

How To Give Cannabidiol To Dogs?

There are various ways to give cannabidiol to pets. The most common are oil tinctures and treats. You may add the tincture to your pet’s mouth using a pipette. If the dog is particularly active, you can add the substance to its food or water. If your furry friend refuses to eat because of its oily texture or smell, CBD-added treats are the best option. They are specially formulated for pets at the correct dosage. They are guaranteed to be free of harmful substances and THC.

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What Is A Proper Dosage Of CBD Oil For Dogs?

Dogs can be very picky about the use of medication, and therefore you may add cannabidiol oil to their food or drip on dry fodder. The dosage of CBD oil depends on the weight of your pet. As a dietary supplement and prevention, it is recommended to start with 2% CBD hemp oil, one drop 1 to 2 times daily. You can apply the oil 1-2 times a day for larger dogs a day, 2-3 drops. After a week of using CBD oil, you should see the results of maintenance therapy. The dosage of cannabidiol oil can then be increased as needed.

If you consider using CBD oil for severe medical conditions, it is recommended that you start again with low doses of 5% cannabidiol oil or even 10%. The dosage is always individual for the particular symptoms of the disease.

The dosage of CBD oil for dogs is as follows:

Weight Low Dosage Moderate Dosage High Dosage
Up to 4.5 kg 1 mg 3 mg 5 mg
Up to 9 kg 2 mg 6 mg 10 mg
Up to 13.5 kg 3 mg 8 mg 15 mg
Up to 18 kg 4 mg 10 mg 20 mg
Up to 22.5 kg 5 mg 12 mg 25 mg
Up to 27 kg 6 mg 14 mg 30 mg
Up to 32 kg 7 mg 16 mg 35 mg
Up to 36 kg 8 mg 18 mg 40 mg
Up to 41 kg 9 mg 20 mg 45 mg
Up to 45 kg 10 mg 24 mg 50 mg
Medical Advice

Start with a low dose of 1 milligram per 4.5 kg body weight and work up to 5 milligrams per 4.5 kg body weight as needed. With some conditions, a higher amount may be required. A low dose of 3-4 times a day is usually more therapeutic than a single large dose.


Australia is one of the most progressive countries in terms of medicinal cannabis policy. The chances of gaining easy access to CBD products increase every year. This applies to both humans and pet owners who care for their companion animals. And although the sale of such drugs is not as typical in Australia as appetite suppressant supplements, there are still ways of making your dog’s life easier. You can consult with a licensed veterinarian to get a cannabis-enhanced treatment. Or you may just specify your search request by any region in Australia and Google, e.g., “hemp oil Adelaide,” and there will be dozens of options at your service.

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